A Performer Processing
Platform for the Advertising Industry

Talentpay’s unique cloud-based technology transforms the management of the performer supply chain. Talentpay Online brings the process of contracting, usage-rights tracking and the casting of performers who appear in advertisements into the twenty-first century. It represents the most significant performer supply chain reform in over sixty years.


The platform enables an agency to meet its fiduciary obligations to their clients in respect of the creation and protection of performer usage rights data, and the attendant future use of advertising material containing performers, as well as furthering the agency's technological transformation through live-contracting and 24/7 access to usage-rights, and reaping the efficiencies that flow from that change.



Talentpay’s specialised online technology allows you to contract performers and manage usage-rights on behalf of your clients and to access those contracts instantly, 24/7.


  • Contract templates
  • Multi-language choices
  • Online signatures
  • Contract remains on the platform
  • Contract copies can be downloaded
  • No more lost, unsigned or incomplete contracts

Usage-Rights Management

  • Populated automatically from live contracting
  • 24/7 access
  • Uploading of related documents
  • Schedule notifications
  • Store low resolution version of relevant advertising material
  • Photography and music rights included

Performer Search – Yaplat Casting portal

  • Free to performer agents and performers
  • Agents can showcase their performers at no cost
  • Global in reach
  • Model aggregates agents and casting calls

Data Protection

  • Performer data is personal data
  • Substantial fines may be levied for legislation breaches
  • Talentpay has strict data protection processes


About Content


  • Talentpay is headquartered in Singapore with operating subsidiaries in Singapore, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Talentpay commenced operations in Australia in 2002 with a business model focussed on using technology to process performers. Talentpay expanded rapidly and now processes approximately 70% of performers who appear in advertisements in Australia.
  • Talentpay is a full-service model in Australia and New Zealand but a self-service model in other countries. The full-service model includes other features such as child-welfare and performer payment.
  • The full-service model is managed from Australia whilst the self-service model is managed from Singapore.
  • For a demonstration of Talentpay self-service Contact Us now.
  • Access Yaplat Casting at

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