Compliance Review Quarterly


Compliance Review Quarterly is a quarterly journal edited and produced by the published writer, photographer and industry commentator, Brian Geach. The Review deals with compliance issues in the advertising, marketing and entertainment industries and is distributed free of charge to a wide range of targeted readers from these industries in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. CRQ sets out to inform and challenge, with original articles by the editor, senior Talentpay staff and a comprehensive roster of expert industry contributors.


CRQ Vol 1 No 30 June 2019

Pre-Employment Declarations, Disclosures, Warranties and Indemnities

CRQ Vol 1 No 29 March 2019

Just Google It - Increased Scrutiny of Tech Giants’ Activities Brought into Sharp Focus

CRQ Vol 1 No 28 December 2018

The Skinny on Regulating Body Image in Advertising - Less is Not Necessarily Good

CRQ Vol 1 No 27 September 2018

Showcasing Diversity - The Equity Foundation Highlights a Wealth of Diverse Talent

CRQ Vol 1 No 26 June 2018

The GDPR. How Will it Affect You? The Gloves are Off with the New European Privacy Laws

CRQ Vol 1 No 25 March 2018

Contracting a Photographer. The Current State of Play. All Parties Need to Enter Contracting with their Eyes Open.

CRQ Vol 1 No 24 December 2017

Party Time - Now’s the Season to be Careful

CRQ Vol 1 No 23 September 2017

Insuring Against Cyber Attacks - Risks of Malicious Cyber Activity Sharply Increasing

CRQ Vol 1 No 22 July 2017

Usage Rights, Digital Files and Talent Management. Assets We Cannot Ignore.

CRQ Vol 1 No 21 April 2017

Hackers, Spammers and Social Engineers Prey on the Vulnerable & New Federal Legislation Mandates Substantial Penalties for Privacy Breaches

CRQ Vol 1 No 20 December 2016

ASF. The Fee that Keeps on Giving - Employers Ignore Statutory Obligations at their Peril

CRQ Vol 1 No 19 October 2016

Busted - An Increase in Agent Failures this Year have Left Talent High and Dry

CRQ Vol 1 No 18 July 2016

Known Unknowns - The Open Secret of Child Abuse in Our Industry

CRQ Vol 1 No 17 March 2016

New Zealand Leads the Way - Industry Bodies in NZ Embrace New Health and Safety Laws

CRQ Vol 1 No 16 December 2015

Moving on Drip Pricing It Seems the ACCC Has Had Enough

CRQ Vol 1 No 15 September 2015

The New Entertainment Industry Act in Force from March 2015. Who Knew?

CRQ Vol 1 No 14 June 2015

Trade Marks. Your Friend or Foe?

CRQ Vol 1 No 13 March 2015

Just Not Cricket - MEAA Concerns over ICC World Cup Visas

CRQ Vol 1 No 12 December 2014

All May Not Be How it Seems When it Comes to Product Claims - Credence Claims Crackdown

CRQ Vol 1 No 11 October 2014

Sharing and Caring - Safety Management Systems Essential for all Parties.

CRQ Vol 1 No 10 March 2014

Lights, Camera, Action. How to Comply and Keep our Kids Safe.

CRQ Vol 1 No 9 July 2014

The Elephant Under the Desk. Three Simple Rules for Digital Asset Management.

CRQ Vol 1 No 8 December 2013

Shining a Light on Comcare. Good For a Laugh Perhaps but the Issues Raised may be Far-Reaching

CRQ Vol 1 No 7 September 2013

A Typical Australian

CRQ Vol 1 No 6 June 2013

The Management Break Up. Does It have to End in Tears?

CRQ Vol 1 No 5 March 2013

It's (Political) Party Time Again

CRQ Vol 1 No 4 December 2012

Party Time - Now’s the Season to be Careful

CRQ Vol 1 No 3 October 2012

Testimonials - Truth is Better than Fiction

CRQ Vol 1 No 2 July 2012

Old Contracts, New Realities. The unseen supplier contract in TV production that exposes marketers to legal disputes ...

CRQ Vol 1 No 1 March 2012

At the Top of its Game Talentpay Embraces the new WHS Framework ...