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Established in Australia in 2002, Talentpay brings specialist technology to the advertising industry’s process of sourcing and contracting performers, managing usage rights and statutory compliance obligations. Talentpay’s unique advertising performer supply chain system enables the advertising agency or advertiser client to own and seamlessly control the performer asset.

Talentpay has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland and Singapore

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Talentpay conducts risk assessments for each production, including TV, print, digital content and voiceovers. All parties to the production collaborate to assess and mitigate risk and to satisfy WHS laws in Australia and New Zealand. This assessment matrix applies to all productions, large or small. Talentpay liaises with production companies and agencies to review scripts, storyboards and treatments and conducts a WHS initial risk assessment for the purposes of WHS, Workers Compensation and Child Welfare compliance.

Features include:

  • Recording and retention of WHS information; there is a legal requirement to maintain WHS records for at least five years after any injury or incident has been notified.
  • Retention of a clear audit trail to meet requirements of WHS legislation and PCBU obligations.


Talentpay communicates with all parties to manage child welfare processes in NSW and Victoria. These parties include production companies, performer agents, relevant government state child welfare agencies, advertising agencies and parents. Talentpay provides onset supervision and nurses as required, and manages all paperwork, ensuring productions comply with the regulatory requirements of each state.

Features include:

  • Provision of specialised staff for the Child Welfare process, facilitating direct and constant contact with government departments.
  • Up to date monitoring and prompt notification of changes • to the relevant regulation. Provision of support and guidance in the process including details of the legal responsibilities of all parties on any production.
  • Documentation and retention of a clear audit trail relating to all aspects of child employment.
  • Maintenance of employee records for 7 years. This is a legal requirement.
  • Talentpay hosts all relevant documentation online.


Talentpay creates and executes performer contracts and deeds of release which show Talentpay as the employer of the performer engaged in the production.

Features include:

  • Contracts are created online based on deal memo and PCBU negotiations. They are then executed online and visible to all parties by way of an accessible personal login.
  • Bespoke contractual agreements and deeds of release can be provided on request.
  • The storage of cast head shots and all talent contact details.
  • Contractual information stored online with usage rights monitored and captured for rollover and reporting purposes.


Talentpay centralises the talent payment process for all stakeholders. In Australia, we are the talent employer of record and in New Zealand we pay talent as contractors. Talentpay processes over 60% of the talent who appear in advertisements in Australia.

Features include:

  • In Australia
  • The contracting of performers and crew.
  • Extensive knowledge of the Broadcasting and Recorded Entertainment Award (BREA), which sets out minimum pay rates and allowances.
  • A close working relationship with the union, Media Entertainment & Arts Alliance.
  • Compliance with the ATO Ruling which requires 20% to be withheld for PAYG tax from all talent payments.
  • The requisite payment of superannuation, payroll tax, workers compensation insurance.
  • The retention of all employment records.
  • The generation of payment summaries which are sent to the performers at the end of each financial year.
  • Performer 'sign in and sign out' facilitation ensuring accurate time keeping records for all cast.
  • The provision and retention of payroll information for any potential workers compensation claims.
  • In New Zealand
  • The contracting of performers and crew ensuring compliance with monthly statutory obligations (including PAYE) as required by the NZ Inland Revenue Department.
  • The facilitation of payments to NZ performer agents, liaising with these agents to ensure prompt and accurate payment of performers.
  • The provision and retention of payroll information for any potential Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC) injury claims.


Talentpay's cloud-based system allows full and comprehensive reconciliations per job with real time accessibility.

Features include:

  • The ability to reconcile estimated talent fees with actual costs based on recall lists, wardrobe calls, shoot-day Sign-In-Sign-Out, deeds of release and contracts post shoot.
  • Online budget reconciliations are updated live by our finance team.
  • Agency producers can monitor job costs in advance of receiving talent invoices.


When an advertiser commissions an advertisement they receive two things; a digital file which is the advertisement itself and the usage rights which control the use of recognisable talent appearing in that advertisement. Therefore, the negotiation of robust and compliant usage rights and the management of those rights is a vital issue for agencies and advertisers alike.

Features include:

  • All contracts are accessible online and sorted by advertiser, category, product and campaign.
  • Monitoring and alert reporting so no contract extensions or expirations are missed or overlooked.
  • Bespoke reporting on any data within the database, including agency or advertiser rollover reports.


Following legislation passed in Australia in 2011 and in New Zealand in 2015, each entity in the production process, including the advertiser, creative agency and production house, has a legal responsibility to ensure a safe working environment. Talentpay's Risk Managers assists all stakeholders (known in the legislation as "persons conducting a business or undertaking" or PCBU) to comply with the new regulations.

Features include:

  • Transparent online work flows allow all PCBUs to work together to mitigate risk.
  • Easy-to-follow risk assessment templates.
  • Permanent job filing and record keeping, allowing access to documentation.
  • Quarterly audits by independent HSWA professionals.


In consultation with experienced music producers, Talentpay manages the legal and compliance aspects of music licensing on behalf of our clients.

Features include:

  • Music searches.
  • Copyright and pricing advice.
  • Licensing facilitation.
  • Curated catalogue of songs 'pre-cleared' with the artists.
  • Prompt processing.
  • Liaison with post-production to provide the final masterWAV file.
  • 24/7 access to data for advertisers, production companies, advertising agencies and the music rights holders.
  • The provision of rollover options for music, talent and voice over negotiations for a single fee.


Compliance Review Quarterly is a quarterly journal edited and produced by the published writer, photographer and industry commentator, Brian Geach. The Review deals with compliance issues in the advertising, marketing and entertainment industries and is distributed free of charge to a wide range of targeted readers from these industries in Australia, New Zealand and Asia. CRQ sets out to inform and challenge, with original articles by the editor, senior Talentpay staff and a comprehensive roster of expert industry contributors.

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